Imagine Being Happy to Overpay… - Sony A90J

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OLED’s are the current champion when it comes to TV’s, but which one is right for you? Sony’s bringing the heat with their latest generation OLED - but is it worth the price?

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Shoutout to HDTVtest for providing their footage and some insight on this TV, if you want a more in-depth technical review we highly suggest taking a look at their video here:

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:11 Exterior
1:40 HDMI
2:19 Display
3:20 Image Processing
6:41 Sound
7:39 Pew Pew
8:08 Remote
8:37 Software
9:06 Summary


  1. Sky Walkies

    Sky Walkies3 tuntia sitten

    The LG G1 Evo is 1.99cm thick. This one is fat.


    M2ABRAMS TANKPäivä sitten


  3. Noah Lach

    Noah LachPäivä sitten

    Imagine spending this much on a TV and pairing it with a sound bar lol

  4. Viraj 9575

    Viraj 95755 päivää sitten

    What about oled burn-in?

  5. justin K

    justin K5 päivää sitten

    Does this have picture in picture option ?

  6. reviewfor thetube

    reviewfor thetube6 päivää sitten

    I mena guys vrr still has issues especially with the image Sony won't release something that isn't polished so I knew they would wait vrr is very buggy still imo so I completely understand they want it working very well doesn't bother me at all waiting on my a90j and my ps5 as it alresyd looks stunning and works the way I want it to even without vrr so I can't imagine it working well with vrr it's gonna be awesome tbh

  7. Rueagon Vyceratops

    Rueagon Vyceratops7 päivää sitten

    one thing that can help out in tv sound too for internal speakers is havbe a wireless sub woofer out put for them , so you can get anu over the shelf wireless sub and pair it to the tv . so we wont need to be looking for a external sound bar optien or system for audio when buying a tv . in todays tech.

  8. sey 30 Spyderco

    sey 30 Spyderco7 päivää sitten

    SONY 👑 💎 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑

  9. xsys

    xsys7 päivää sitten

    Can it download the VLC app?

  10. Living at home at 16

    Living at home at 168 päivää sitten


  11. Peightun

    Peightun10 päivää sitten

    Is this the same guy who thinks the 3080ti is good? Asking for a friend

  12. R Garcia

    R Garcia10 päivää sitten

    The soggy cent hepatosplenomegaly hook because slash constitutively smile lest a graceful cupboard. unsightly, sad whiskey

  13. ThirdLife86

    ThirdLife8611 päivää sitten

    Too expensive for what it is. 3400 in Switzerland, a 65CX is 1399 right now, a Panasonic HZ1000 is 1299. I'd rather have one of these now and get another one in three years an still have spare cash for a third one in another three years or an extra vacation. Its just not great enough to justify x3 the price (for me).

  14. grey

    grey11 päivää sitten

    anyone else find this video really jittery?

  15. Javier

    Javier11 päivää sitten

    All sony’s tvs are great but overpriced

  16. ThrowAway

    ThrowAway12 päivää sitten

    Why does every TV review sound the same unless you pay exhausting amount of focus to the video.

  17. Mario Lambertz

    Mario Lambertz13 päivää sitten

    First time Linus being sponsored by a relatively unknown brand I already use a product of. Just bought 2 ESR halolock car chargers. And DAMN these things got grip! My iPhone 12 in a case with its own magnets will NEVER fall down ever again! This thing could hold a phone to a moon rover climbing the Everest in high speeds while also charging it perfectly fine - even with 15W MagSafe (sufficient power supply with at least 20W on 9V required) best charger holder combo ever bought!

  18. ArthropodSpidey

    ArthropodSpidey14 päivää sitten

    Sony has been making TVs for decades. Can't beat them.

  19. Char

    Char14 päivää sitten

    Sony can go to hell. Fix the blur in the X900H and give us our promised features.

  20. Rob Sch

    Rob Sch14 päivää sitten

    6 months from now. Might have a good Black Friday 2021 price.

  21. David Summers

    David Summers15 päivää sitten

    I want the Panasonic JZ1500 OLED instead.

  22. Dpao

    Dpao15 päivää sitten

    You guys should give the a80j a look on the second channel. It seems to have the evo panel but no heat sink, and many people (myself included) find the difference in peak brightness on HDR content far too small to justify the $1000 price hike of the a90j

  23. GoWFAN

    GoWFAN15 päivää sitten

    1300 nits only in vivid mode with colors completly off. Set it to accurate movie mode and you are at around 850 nits which is not worth that price at all. Hell my C9 does around 700 nits after calibration and it cost me less than half of the price of this overpriced junk

  24. v1m30

    v1m3015 päivää sitten

    Again, Sony, no VRR. Hard pass.

  25. Incognito

    Incognito16 päivää sitten

    And you certainly happy when you overpay Apple but nobody force you to buy the A90J go buy a LG G1 if you want

  26. Justin

    Justin16 päivää sitten

    I’ll say it, if you have a 3090 or any beefy system, VRR just isn’t all it’s hyped up to be, I buy these for gaming and it’s all still very smooth

  27. Tony Hatch

    Tony Hatch17 päivää sitten

    Achilles Heel: this TV (and the A80J) only has a 100 Mbps ethernet port. Excited about Bravia CORE & PureStream? Here's a quote from the PureStream FAQ: "To enjoy at the highest speed of 80 Mbps, you need an internet speed of 115 Mbps or faster. Ethernet (wired LAN) connections are limited to 100 Mbps due to the TV's product specifications. Therefore, to enjoy 80 Mbps with the Pure Stream™ functionality, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi router that supports IEEE 802.11 ac/n (wireless LAN)." Also, it can't do wired and wireless at the same time, so you'll need to unplug your ethernet in order for wifi to connect properly. Other than that, these TVs look great. Bravia CORE movies look and sound great @ 80 Mbps. There are currently ~100 movies available for 'unlimited streaming', and 12 are in 4k--the rest are HD. There are over 600 movies available to "redeem"--but after you redeem your 5 or 10 movies, you can't rent or buy any of the other movies. I'm sure that will change at some point.

  28. 08 Vtec

    08 Vtec18 päivää sitten

    Lg g1 evo laughed at the gaming performance

  29. Erwick D'Souza

    Erwick D'Souza18 päivää sitten

    Cinematography is on point.

  30. Simon Song

    Simon Song18 päivää sitten

    影视飓风 太草了

  31. chicho

    chicho19 päivää sitten

    No VRR in 2021 and charging over 3.5k? only some fanboys would buy this overpriced junk.

  32. Alan greg Inëz

    Alan greg Inëz19 päivää sitten

    Thanks brother 🙏💙❤🙌💯

  33. MEUProductions

    MEUProductions19 päivää sitten

    Tbh, Google OS in the A90J is worth the extra money for me over the LG G1 for probably the dumbest reason. With the A90J, I don’t need a cable box or stream box. My niche cable provider has a Google app, but they don’t have Web OS app. That frees up a precious HDMI port. The cable boxes my provider gives me are bad TiVo skinned Google boxes made by Arris. The OS is actually amazing, but they are so slow. For some reason, turning them on is a huge pain and often takes some fiddling around too. The Google app uses the same interface as my cable box. They only difference is that the app removes the app launcher that is featured on the TiVo box since Google OS obviously launches the apps now. The alternatives are fire cubes and chromecasts, but then I am still using an HDMI port. I have a cheap 4K insignia fire tv that has the cable app, and that is great. I don’t care about HDMI 2.1 except for my PS5. My other devices are old consoles that I have running through upscaling devices that don’t need it. This TV is perfect for me. Will probably pick one up in a month or two

  34. einsteinpi

    einsteinpi19 päivää sitten

    Surprised Bravia Core wasn't briefly discussed. Unique offering on these TVs.

  35. AresMars

    AresMars19 päivää sitten

    So Apple in a nutshell.

  36. Carrotsalesman

    Carrotsalesman19 päivää sitten

    Laugh in Linus' latest Nvidia release video... where he seems more than happy to overpay...?

  37. supersimon126

    supersimon12619 päivää sitten

    "Buy based on current features rather than promised coming soon features" the PS5 was a good example and possibly the vest example being that it's also Sony but another good example has to be the whole RTX 2000 lineup with its showpiece being a feature that was about useless at launch.

  38. hu ascend

    hu ascend20 päivää sitten

    I come from Bilibili.Mediastorm and Linus. Awesome

  39. IronManGaming

    IronManGaming20 päivää sitten

    Talks about overpay when he overpays for graphic cards.

  40. Nick Nikes

    Nick Nikes20 päivää sitten

    My dad's always wanted a TV like this too bad it cost as much as a car

  41. retrovideogamejunkie

    retrovideogamejunkie20 päivää sitten

    Down here, I feel people still have the need to feel special with a exclusivity for money ....

  42. Erikgasm

    Erikgasm20 päivää sitten

    Love a good sony

  43. M. V. Shooting

    M. V. Shooting21 päivä sitten

    MediaTek?! On MY TV?!

  44. sb

    sb21 päivä sitten

    It's the same every time: Sony TVs get overhyped. Some time ago I replaced an LG C7 OLED with an Sony A9F OLED. Usage is horrible. Crashes often. Puts out garbage over ARC. Has horrible A/V sync. Has smeary temporal noise reduction. It's the most problematic TV I ever had. Haven had any of these issues with the LG OLED. The LG just worked fine. Even the LG's image processing seemed much better to me, than the implementation of Sony.

  45. michigan1777

    michigan177721 päivä sitten

    I paid that much for a tv and it's seriously the best tv I've ever seen. I'm more than happy! Waiting for the vrr update though. Really the only down side to the tv.

  46. Jordan Edwards

    Jordan Edwards21 päivä sitten

    I'd like to report a hate crime. I've never felt so personally attacked! My house was built in 1939 and the only place to put a TV is above the fire place. I'd have to completely renovate my heating system and remove my radiant heat to be able to put a TV anywhere else. So I personally am happy that manufactures make the lower viewing angle a priority.

  47. satte

    satte21 päivä sitten

    imagine being happy

  48. carlcat

    carlcat21 päivä sitten

    I'm hearing the A80J is a better buy in that it's close to the brightness of the A90J and 1,300 less in the 65". Plus, I hear the brighter A90J is only brighter than the 80 in HDR and specular highlights. Also the auto brightness limiter Abl kicks in to limit brightness in many scenes like sports. Also the A90J gets so hot it'll warm your room. According to one reviewer in some scenes where it's very dark, the darks can turn to grays in the A90J. For that kind of money I want something a little more perfect. Not a gamer but if I were I'd pick the LG C1, Sony is notorious for not keeping promises. Just saying........................

  49. Sean Toh

    Sean Toh22 päivää sitten

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer...

  50. Sith Hunter

    Sith Hunter22 päivää sitten

    Still the c1 is the better tv for gaming with current gen consoles. This looks like a possible lounge tv for me and my lg in gaming room.

  51. Macauly Brown

    Macauly Brown22 päivää sitten

    Man I'm so poor I can't even smile when I underpay

  52. Janne Huotari

    Janne Huotari22 päivää sitten

    Don't have to imagine. Iam happy with my Sony A90J 65'' and it's happy with my PS5.

  53. Dominik Gastreich

    Dominik Gastreich22 päivää sitten

    Those 1300 nit number is like the 1ms response time on monitors. Only achievable with settings that are horrible otherwise. Yes, the A90J is brighter than conventional OLEDs and in real content it also pushes highlights very nicely but not it‘s not even close to achieving twice the brightness of previous OLEDs which your statements might make some people believe. Despite this being a sponsored video you could‘ve done a better job of clarifying that.

  54. Anar Sosoroo

    Anar Sosoroo22 päivää sitten

    5:50 how to train your dragon xD

  55. Bert Berto

    Bert Berto22 päivää sitten

    It's not like he's using his money, it's your money for all those over priced plastic bottles ;)

  56. Da Mammoth

    Da Mammoth22 päivää sitten

    Apple Users:

  57. JernauGurgeh

    JernauGurgeh23 päivää sitten

    Imagine having the money to buy a new TV…

  58. Alex Saraceno

    Alex Saraceno23 päivää sitten

    Linus, you just LIED to 793K viewers. And I've called out Vincent Teoh, FOMO, and Caleb Denison. And I even mentioned this to B the Installer. Listen, we the viewers are having trouble keeping you guys honest in 2021. All of you saw this Asian girl somewhere in China who sent out a photo with the meter of the A90J displaying 1300 Nits. That 1300 Nits, is only a FRACTION OF A SECOND. Literally a fraction of second. Not even worth mentioning. was in VIVID MODE. NOBODY CARES about vivid mode. But for some reason, you guys just ran with it. They all backed down and walked it back lately. The TV CANNOT do 1300 Nits. Don't do that dude. Don't lie. Have integrity in what ever you do in life. I didn't hit Subscribe because you actually went there. I don't what it is about your (and the other FItitlers) obsession with this Asian girl and that photo. STOP. Like I told them to cut it out. Don't lie to your viewers man. C'mon, keep things honest.

  59. Aaron Turner

    Aaron Turner23 päivää sitten

    Anyone know the film in the video with Lennie James and Ryan Reynolds?

  60. Victor the Kid

    Victor the Kid23 päivää sitten

    Me watching this vid through my PS3 on my Samsung LCD, with no plans to ever buy anything HDR capable 🤡

  61. Terence Grant

    Terence Grant23 päivää sitten

    First time I’ve ever paid attention to an ad in any of the FItitlers videos I follow, and man, this car mount is NICE.

  62. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly23 päivää sitten

    LG G1 isn't worth it for gamers it inferior A90J Master Series for movies and TV you be better off buying A80J or C1 for fanning or if really cheap A1.

  63. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly23 päivää sitten

    LG G1 OLED is sane brightness as GX CX and C9.

  64. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly23 päivää sitten

    Sony Bravia A90J OLED TV Master Series best 4K OLED on market for colour accuracy motion processing upscaling picture quality and sound quality.

  65. Jo Llama

    Jo Llama23 päivää sitten

    Uhh Samsung doesn’t offer HDMI 2.1 on all ports in their US models

  66. Zian Yang

    Zian Yang23 päivää sitten

    6:30 my boy Vincent!

  67. Hexui

    Hexui23 päivää sitten

    I have a 42" plasma tv from 2011 xD

  68. Barra Radiansyah

    Barra Radiansyah23 päivää sitten

    3:34 this sounds like he had a gun pointed to his head while saying this line

  69. Barra Radiansyah

    Barra Radiansyah23 päivää sitten

    5:47 Out of thousands of movies that exists out there, and he chose this one

  70. 4Heed Indeed

    4Heed Indeed23 päivää sitten

    This definitely seems to be targeted for whoever wants the absolute best 4K OLED watching experience for movies, TV etc. LG are have much better TV's for gaming

  71. Alex Gelinas

    Alex Gelinas23 päivää sitten

    FWIW, and not to be pedantic, but "timbre" is pronounced like "tamber" rather than "timber"

  72. M.C. Turnt House of Tech

    M.C. Turnt House of Tech23 päivää sitten

    All these small innovations are getting....tedious. We need someone to make an affordable holographic display already!

  73. mydecember1985

    mydecember198523 päivää sitten

    5:30 ..... But that's the LG OLED on display.

  74. Justine Dildeau

    Justine Dildeau23 päivää sitten

    The only good thing that has come of Covid-19 and all the bs surrounding it is that I have lost all interest in materialism and I couldn't care less about crap like this.

  75. Phreakwar PC Custom Builds

    Phreakwar PC Custom Builds24 päivää sitten

    I actually have the 55" version of the A90J, use it as a gaming monitor in the basement for the kids. Also doubles as our home theater monitor in the basement even though we have a 65" upstairs. Reason being, the image quality on it is simple the GOAT. So yeah, both movies and gaming, this monitor rocks.

  76. John Smith

    John Smith24 päivää sitten

    A80J is better.

  77. WOLFE

    WOLFE24 päivää sitten

    For the first time ever, the sponsor was the real takeaway for me. I needed a new phone holder for work, and the Linus promotion, PLUS the discount from Amazon gave me over $10 off. AND it charges the phone too, so that was the pitch perfect sponsor at the right time. Thanks.

  78. The Game Bench

    The Game Bench24 päivää sitten

    If the previous models are anything to go by for VRR... don't plan on it anytime soon. And Sony hates 1440p, so it's kinda' a PITA to get working and of you do, 120Hz will mess with the vertical resolution and make it look terrible. Hopefully they've fixed that with the new ones.

  79. xguy9

    xguy924 päivää sitten

    TVs should have a plan like smartphones, in which you can upgrade every year 😂 I just got the A8H. But it’s calibrated and it’s look gorgeous

  80. Øystein

    Øystein24 päivää sitten

    Dual subs🤣 Yeah.. Hate when manufactures does this. When they don't go subsonic they should not be called subs but woofers😝

  81. Xander Zion

    Xander Zion24 päivää sitten

    hi Linus could you help me with my laptop dell latitude e7450, the problem is application has been block from accessing graphic hardware. I have been having this problem almost a mouth for me i been factory reset a few time and up date the windows version to get the latest version and been searching online for almost a mouth and its dont solve the problem yet. this is my working and gaming its run around like 100fps fortnite on low setting and 100fps on apex legend on low setting. but seen the last few week i cant play any game, I been watching you seen 2016 but on differences acc #im not gonna stop comment utill you make a video to help low spec gamer.

  82. old flag

    old flag24 päivää sitten


  83. davidw101

    davidw10124 päivää sitten

    Already had my mind up that I wanted this month's ago and based on this review I am still going to get it!

  84. Sameer Sharma

    Sameer Sharma24 päivää sitten

    With that kind of brightness on an OLED and the lack of warranty coverage for image-retention, can't wait to see what happens...

  85. Family Den

    Family Den24 päivää sitten

    Watched this video on my SONY A1, it's still a great TV after years!

  86. arikelvara

    arikelvara24 päivää sitten

    So basically... This is an Amazing but expensive tv, but later it would be the best.

  87. Justin

    Justin24 päivää sitten

    I just want a 65” LG CX

  88. Gvnady

    Gvnady24 päivää sitten

    _Custom mech keyboards hobby has joined the chat_

  89. Wafflelover

    Wafflelover24 päivää sitten

    Gaming review, and does it have a matte display? Thanks!

  90. dax connell

    dax connell25 päivää sitten

    absolutely love my 49" Nano 85 UNA $1000 with after tax for monitor and tv

  91. EvoStar

    EvoStar25 päivää sitten

    Who can't take their eyes off the Lian Li Case?

  92. Jorge Alarcon

    Jorge Alarcon25 päivää sitten

    Imagine someone praising the 1300 nits that only triggers in Vivid Mode, in a TV which is supposedly to deliver accurate picture and color reproduction

  93. Michael G

    Michael G25 päivää sitten

    Intro was fucking dope props to the editor

  94. TurtleSauceGaming

    TurtleSauceGaming25 päivää sitten

    that's a nice remote. God I hate modern smart tv remotes. So annoying. LG's really drives me up a wall. You can tilt you can scroll or you can press buttons. Sounds nice to have the option but god is it annoying.

  95. Anh Tran

    Anh Tran25 päivää sitten

    My Sony led TV was 5 years old at the time I bought oled samsung. The Samsun has dead pixels and light bleed after 4 months the Sony didn’t after 5 years

  96. bob dylan

    bob dylan25 päivää sitten

    ps5 doesnt need vrr. its frame rate stabkle unline the xbox.

  97. bob dylan

    bob dylan25 päivää sitten

    didnt sony also promise vrr on a previous set...

  98. jjcoolaus

    jjcoolaus25 päivää sitten

    You get what you pay for, I'd buy Sony over TCL any day of the week. Their image processing is amazing, a lot of people can't notice the difference between 1080p and 4k the up scaling is that good, even 720p looks great

  99. Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute25 päivää sitten

    3:03 Interstellar, i hated the ending to that film lol..

  100. Dahcrazychicken

    Dahcrazychicken25 päivää sitten