I'm Bored. Build a Gaming PC with me!!

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  1. Randol

    Randol19 tuntia sitten

    Linus said 3900x

  2. Pika Pollution

    Pika Pollution21 tunti sitten

    Wish i could afford half of this stuff XD

  3. Syed Azfar Ahmed

    Syed Azfar AhmedPäivä sitten

    love from Pakistan

  4. TheRavenWithin

    TheRavenWithinPäivä sitten

    Man that scream at 1:52:36 had me 😂

  5. drew collins

    drew collinsPäivä sitten

    Can I just buy a pc from you ? The gpu shortage is crazy and I don’t want to be scalped

  6. Prince Peejay

    Prince Peejay2 päivää sitten

    hi linus.thank you for uploading such kind of video like this. hope someday you can send/give me some used gpu like 1660 super becuase i cannot afford an gpu.im using only gtx 670. thank and advance.much love prince

  7. John jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    John jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt2 päivää sitten

    How bout microcenter, instead of sending Linus 3/4 of all graphics cards currently on the market, instead like... You know... Sells them?

  8. Ryan Li

    Ryan Li2 päivää sitten

    i thought some trucker was building a pc while linus was staring at him silent the whole time

  9. ADee SHuPA

    ADee SHuPA3 päivää sitten

    666 DisLiKes

  10. Nathan Lakiang

    Nathan Lakiang3 päivää sitten

    I would still take that beat up covid pc

  11. Nathan Lakiang

    Nathan Lakiang3 päivää sitten

    I wish I would just get a pc just to play 😭

  12. Xee

    Xee3 päivää sitten

    This judging cardboard Linus in the background...

  13. Zander Labuschagne

    Zander Labuschagne3 päivää sitten

    I wish we had Micro Centers here in South Africa

  14. Bert Visscher

    Bert Visscher3 päivää sitten

    2:08:35 That's nonsense. 2:16:04 It's not about whether or not people know something. There are things you just do not say. It's called "tact". 2:28:31 I'd like to have Barnacules Nerdgasm's take on this. He has worked for Microsoft.

  15. Ampsta

    Ampsta4 päivää sitten

    :59 seconds in.. Full display of graphics cards that don't exist

  16. Kloe Lind

    Kloe Lind5 päivää sitten

    If you’re bored you send me a 3070 :D

  17. Hamlock Maneuver

    Hamlock Maneuver5 päivää sitten

    Why do you accentuate prepubescent teen voice so much bro? I assure you it doesn't do you any justice...

  18. ryekia

    ryekia5 päivää sitten

    I don’t want any bad jeebees. After everything that has happened I think we already have bad jeebees. Lols™®©.

  19. Ty Van arsdall

    Ty Van arsdall6 päivää sitten

    You'll put Corsair out of business if they had to include 4 more screws per case /s

  20. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh6 päivää sitten

    Boredom expressed many different ways.. Person1: "If you enjoyed picking ur nose.." Person2: "I'm not picking my nose. I'm having lunch." -while picking nose

  21. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh6 päivää sitten

    Near the end: Use USB stick to install, with just enough storage for the install package. It's then forced to a) Pick the SSD instead as an install target b) Forego the usage of the install stick as a place to put anything. Also, you may wanna use the lowest Sata port for an install drive, or leave anything else out when using an nVME SSD.

  22. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh6 päivää sitten

    For really fast gaming for older games, 16GB ram with RamDrive.

  23. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh6 päivää sitten

    Also by default using a raid for SSD is a nice way to both speed up for less, but also make better use of the mainboard resources (raid chip). The only exception to this is when the smaller SSD's are slower together than one faster one. That said, I use raid setups by default, since in most cases having two smaller ones is cheaper, while outspeeding the bigger and more expensive faster ones. It's like top speed for like 2TB or more drives, but they cost a bundle. Instead having two 250GB ones are just as fast or faster, while costing less total. If you wanna play another game, just download while grabbing coffee, mine take about 15 minutes, which is barely enough to have a nice 'throne' sitting. I actually use 2x 80 GB's for gaming, which cost me less than $50

  24. Norrotaku

    Norrotaku7 päivää sitten

    next time give David some kind of mic this super low key "Linus is just speaking his mind and David is a nice dude" is really amazing I also love the tangents on Wan show basically every time Linus is just talking about life is awesome

  25. Aydenk _

    Aydenk _9 päivää sitten

    Asus tuf is the ugliest series I’ve ever seen

  26. wyatt kinard

    wyatt kinard10 päivää sitten

    Can you build a gaming pc in an acoustic guitar?

  27. Jessie Ward

    Jessie Ward10 päivää sitten

    My local Memory Express surprised me with a GTX 3060 When I went in to buy all the other parts for my PC a week ago. Bought myself an entirely new Rig aside from the case, I was planning onwaiting for my GPU until they became abailable. They said they could see I wasn't scalping or mining so talked with one of their managers and hooked me right up. Preorder and stock is not available whatsoever so it was really nice to see them willing to help me out. They are available, shop local!!!! This experience changed my perception of the local computer supply industry. Shopping online is great but amazon and Newegg would never be able to pull strings like this. Best part is that I bought my Asus TUF RTX 3060 at MSRP with no markup.

  28. Steve Orchard

    Steve Orchard11 päivää sitten

    really want rtx but 10 series is the best i can find . i am loving my n1660 oc i brought new. evan that was hard to find i am from uk. i tryed and paid for four other graffix cards, ie rx 580/ rtx2060 super/ gtx 1080/ gtx 1060 and got my money back arfter waiting a month every time. its so rough i been a fan ov your show and others like it. for a few years now i am building my 3rd pc for my wife, and hope the mining crisis changes soon. what you guys do is so cool and brings hope to a new builder like my self.

  29. Revely Designs

    Revely Designs11 päivää sitten

    AMEN!! I wish I could buy a graphics card too and no I don’t mine lol

  30. Gislebertus Reck

    Gislebertus Reck11 päivää sitten

    The prices of GPU need to come down, It is so not worth Buying an upgrade at this time.

  31. Project: Awesome

    Project: Awesome11 päivää sitten

    2:28:50 that happens on the Raspberry Pi, all the time

  32. Project: Awesome

    Project: Awesome11 päivää sitten

    33:29 - breaks computer

  33. d3spis3m3

    d3spis3m313 päivää sitten

    That's an impressive stepper motor used for a water cooling pump..

  34. SE -

    SE -13 päivää sitten

    How about giving it away? you'll feel much less bored

  35. Top 10 Everything

    Top 10 Everything13 päivää sitten

    20:22 that spray though

  36. no name

    no name13 päivää sitten

    Micro center is needed in Charlotte 😭

  37. Cody Youngquist

    Cody Youngquist14 päivää sitten

    Microcenter should never advertise everyone already knows man

  38. Rick Walvaart

    Rick Walvaart14 päivää sitten

    14:05 me neither

  39. Reggie Croes

    Reggie Croes14 päivää sitten

    he got a rtx.... i want one.. i can't find one..

  40. Majik Messiah

    Majik Messiah14 päivää sitten

    2:07:00 imo, you should try a recipe as intended but after that, if you feel you can improve it, try.

  41. Ryoku Hasu

    Ryoku Hasu14 päivää sitten

    Push RADs are way easier to maint with UNI fans.

  42. John Engstrom

    John Engstrom14 päivää sitten

    i feel like microcenter would shoplifted more than any other store

  43. Zach0711

    Zach071115 päivää sitten

    What JRPG was he talking about playing?

  44. Nergimmm

    Nergimmm15 päivää sitten

    Can you guys make a 300$ budget second hand gaming pc video? Since everything is now kinda expensive ngl

  45. Andres rocha

    Andres rocha15 päivää sitten

    “You name it they’ve got it” *gpus all out of stock*

  46. AEON

    AEON15 päivää sitten


  47. AEON

    AEON15 päivää sitten


  48. AEON

    AEON15 päivää sitten

    #Linus Does it #MINE #CRYPTO tho>?

  49. 2JZ swap the dog

    2JZ swap the dog15 päivää sitten

    After seeing what goes into shooting LTT in a week there’s no way I believe that Linus was just “bored” LOL

  50. Matze96DAK

    Matze96DAK15 päivää sitten

    Was anyone else also fooled by the new quiet crew member who looks like linus? I swear by the Power of Greyskull i thought he found his Doppelgänger and just hired him for fun.

  51. marc salas

    marc salas15 päivää sitten

    The sharp parent likely multiply because advice collectively wait down a small development. nutty, harsh angle

  52. KingInTheNorth

    KingInTheNorth15 päivää sitten

    3900x's have been sitting at memory express for months

  53. Harry Mcdowell

    Harry Mcdowell15 päivää sitten

    He has done a vid on damage from mining before. This time tho it may damage the cards because ethereum causes most gddr6x to run at 110c+

  54. John Casler

    John Casler16 päivää sitten

    idk bout u but 500 bucks at a steakhouse is bar money lmao

  55. Liviu Bita

    Liviu Bita16 päivää sitten

    Not having power supply screws is not the end of the world, plastic ties are God sent. Keep it nice&jankie! 😂

  56. RapidCyclone

    RapidCyclone16 päivää sitten

    The lying cauliflower rationally tug because believe regionally trace from a many turret. old, steadfast pamphlet

  57. Janion Faulkner

    Janion Faulkner16 päivää sitten

    *Minors get exploited*

  58. AMusty Sheep

    AMusty Sheep16 päivää sitten

    Hey Linus me and my brother have wanted a gaming pc for a while but we don't have much money since we are only 15. So I was going to ask if you and your team could build us the cheapest quality gaming pc possible.

  59. 02044

    0204417 päivää sitten

    ....where is my self-loathing

  60. José David Castillo Blanco

    José David Castillo Blanco17 päivää sitten

    2:04 mistake on the sound, bad move Linus...

  61. Josh Morgan

    Josh Morgan17 päivää sitten

    That is the definition of nasa computer

  62. Craig Penfold

    Craig Penfold17 päivää sitten

    Wolf Among Us was 2013

  63. William Rockhill

    William Rockhill17 päivää sitten

    the power flow is determined bye the socket or mother board... the question should be what's the max wattage on the cable your using???? that will determine the max out flow to the double 8 pin cable..... I see much thicker wining my self

  64. Kaan Özkuscu

    Kaan Özkuscu17 päivää sitten

    send me a graphicscard so i can build one aswell, lol.

  65. Imaginary Imagery

    Imaginary Imagery17 päivää sitten

    Accidental ASMR: Linus peeling off the peels

  66. William Rockhill

    William Rockhill17 päivää sitten

    covid shoots are full of the covide strain so you now have covide praying for ya Bro

  67. SoftLight

    SoftLight17 päivää sitten

    in times like this, i m actually really glad i m mostly 99% playing league of legends anyways. Sitting here with my old ''ancient super shitty gtx 970'' be like: i m sitting on like 300 fps? and i m on like 8-10% gpu load? ..dafuq do i even need a new gpu for? feels good playing games you can run on potatoes... its just so affordable to play your games lol

  68. T P

    T P18 päivää sitten

    This is the ‘oh shit we didn’t hit our 7 video quota this week’ video.

  69. Andrea

    Andrea18 päivää sitten

    your wife is super smart

  70. Clarence Pecadizo

    Clarence Pecadizo18 päivää sitten

    is that the aorus fi27qx?

  71. Jordan Fetherolf

    Jordan Fetherolf18 päivää sitten

    I purchase 4 RX 580s from a miner 2 years ago for $350. They needed a bit of a dusting and new thermal compound but otherwise were like new and even in original boxes with all accessories, etc. I ended up auctioning them on eBay recently and each individual card sold for over what I paid for all four of them...

  72. Safwan AR

    Safwan AR18 päivää sitten

    30:45 what happens if he drops that box of screws.

  73. kennynz

    kennynz18 päivää sitten

    That'll gonna' do it

  74. Eighteens

    Eighteens18 päivää sitten

    When did Linus put water into the Watercooler? or does it come w/ water already in the cooler

  75. Millenial Farmer

    Millenial Farmer16 päivää sitten

    AIO coolers are pre-filled

  76. Jonathan

    Jonathan18 päivää sitten

    Take a 3090 off the market to build a pc for "fun"...shitty.

  77. Leo

    Leo18 päivää sitten

    WooooW! Amd is a try hard! gives me bumps watching you advertise! you're so good100!#donthatetheplayerhatethegame XD

  78. xSKOOBSx

    xSKOOBSx19 päivää sitten

    installing a vertical GPU kit in a case that supports vertical GPU already... although having it pushed back more won't choke it as much, as the side panel will definitely be close enough to the fans to restrict airflow if used in the "first-party" mount. I would be on board, but you could just use the stock mount and not have to cut. Just don't use the second mounting screw. But you could also probably get the cables plugged in without cutting anything. Just feed it between the slats.

  79. xSKOOBSx

    xSKOOBSx19 päivää sitten

    Can you see the 360 side fans from the inside? imagine the EK FLT 360 installed in there.

  80. xSKOOBSx

    xSKOOBSx19 päivää sitten

    A doorless basement is called a crypt, I think LOL

  81. xSKOOBSx

    xSKOOBSx19 päivää sitten

    Wheres the new G.Skill heatspreader he was talking about?

  82. Vondito Amigo

    Vondito Amigo19 päivää sitten

    I want gift card

  83. Krydolph

    Krydolph19 päivää sitten

    If you mount vertical with the build in slots in the case, the GPU fans will be all the way up to the glass side, and it will suffocate and get a lot hotter. With the cablemod approach it is pulled back so it can still breathe! And even though you, and a few others DO use PCI-E slots for more than just the GPU, I would claim that at least 90% people never does, and I would guess that was a low figure compared to reality!

  84. DUZLA74

    DUZLA7419 päivää sitten

    Is it just me or is Linus a bit drunk??I mean no offence, I drink,, As ya do!!

  85. Quincy H Seven

    Quincy H Seven19 päivää sitten

    i've been watching this young man back 2011 when he was in his room,he has came a long way! smart young man.

  86. Arturo Ochoa

    Arturo Ochoa19 päivää sitten

    That’s good Nvidia don’t like Minors ‘cause that shit is illegal.

  87. AAA killer

    AAA killer20 päivää sitten

    bruh i know a high man wheb i see one

  88. Ginova Vienne

    Ginova Vienne20 päivää sitten

    Boy1da and TMinus, are real producets.

  89. Jugdew Prenay

    Jugdew Prenay20 päivää sitten

    your shirt is awesome

  90. Blockchain Domain

    Blockchain Domain20 päivää sitten

    Ive never seen so many grown men so upset because they cant play fortnight... Im a gamer and miner and when ETH isnt profitble to mine anymore im NOT going to be selling any of my GPUs, im going to switch coins and keep buying more graphics cards.. I LOVE computers and I love you too Linus but quit hating and let us use our computing power how we want!

  91. Derpycat57 -

    Derpycat57 -20 päivää sitten

    I want to punch Linus for holding the gpu like it’s nothing

  92. NeinMillimeter

    NeinMillimeter20 päivää sitten

    That whole bit about Amps pre charged into the VRM for the cpu was some Infinite Solutions shit

  93. Marui Man

    Marui Man20 päivää sitten

    The verge does not approve of this.

  94. Kent

    Kent20 päivää sitten

    i built a whole dresser while having this video on. Thanks linus for keeping me company the whole time talking about god knows what

  95. al0sral0

    al0sral021 päivä sitten

    I am glad NVidia advertisers can get their had on the these cards what a scumbag system I guess ill just wait for the next cards to come out now no point in buying old tech skipped 2080 because of the same reason stock not available and no point buying 2 years down the track...

  96. K31TH3R

    K31TH3R21 päivä sitten

    1:28:30 Longterm coolant testing. Already done it myself. No, you don't want to run straight distilled water. I have a D5 pump turning 18 years old this year. It once went 9 years on the same coolant, with the only change being occasionally topping it up every ~8 months due to sublimation losses. The coolant being Valvoline Zerex + distilled water at a 5/95 ratio. DO NOT USE GARBAGE PRE-MIX COOLANTS FROM EK/Koolance or ANY PC water cooling brand. They're all JUNK, filled with unnecessary amounts of anti-corrosives which act like abrasives on ceramic pump bearings if you don't religiously change them out every 6 months. Use tried and tested automotive coolants only, they have decades of development and they WILL prolong pump life vs plain distilled water. Use automotive coolants, and you can go for years between coolant changes.

  97. imCracked

    imCracked21 päivä sitten

    Can somebody clip 2:16:21 please? 🙃

  98. Justin Pham

    Justin Pham21 päivä sitten

    How are you guys getting these GPU’s?! Wish it was that easy for me to grab one off the shelf.

  99. sxxxychocolate

    sxxxychocolate21 päivä sitten

    your next sleeper pc build...Lian Li PC-6010 aluminum ATX tower case from 2003, but with the optional $99 fish tank side panel!

  100. That one Gamer

    That one Gamer21 päivä sitten

    When your chick wont give it up....

  101. Steph Pears

    Steph Pears21 päivä sitten

    Oh the computer guy that calls himself Linus yeah that's definitely made up.

  102. PapaBhoii

    PapaBhoii22 päivää sitten

    Can I have this PC please. 🤲

  103. Sean Toh

    Sean Toh22 päivää sitten

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer...