Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of StarsMarsRadio)
0:00 Intro/Topics
1:39 Sponsors
1:53 Apple topics
3:51 Tangent into comments and Apple leading industry trends
9:30 Back to new Apple products
16:00 Airpods max doesn't support Apple's lossless quality
23:00 Dr. Ian Cutress corrects DRAM market terminology
32:17 Sponsors
35:14 TV's aren't cheap anymore \u0026 Silicon shortage
40:44 Sweaty boy discount
42:15 AMD is working on 5000 refresh
43:50 Bitcoin is down, Crypto topics
46:40 Ford F150 Lightning
51:09 Ford Lightning vs Cybertruck poll
56:06 Superchats
58:20 Bill C10
1:03:43 Throwback
1:05:51 Bye


  1. Bert Visscher

    Bert Visscher2 päivää sitten

    4:10 Linus! 16:09 You mean who cares, right? 24:30 I take it you mean you don't care.

  2. notthere83

    notthere835 päivää sitten

    "Audiophiles"... eh... I did a double blind test with 2 friends, one of whom is an electronic musician. Using studio headphones. I was able to tell pretty significant difference at 128 kbit, almost nothing at 160 and no difference from 192 onwards. They did one level better than me. I bet most audiophiles (Well, the nutty ones - because I consider myself one too. Multiple musicians have commended me on being able to point out flaws in recordings - whether it's slight clipping, a note being a semi-tone off, etc.) wouldn't pass a test like that. Meaning - justifying using even 320 kbit.

  3. vivere est cogitare

    vivere est cogitare11 päivää sitten

    It's 192KHz, not Kb per second. The number is a measure of sampling frequency, not memory bandwidth. The CD standard of 44.1 KHz is audibly inferior to 48KHz to the ears of many, if not most listeners. The jump to 98KHz to a smaller percentage. Moving up to 192KHz or 384KHz is likely a matter of inaudible difference for a large majority of listeners. The move to higher sampling especially improves a recording/playback systems handling of higher frequency sounds, a factor important in our hearing of transients, those frequency spikes that occur in musical instruments as a sound is first made. It's also important in hearing overtones - the complex of upper frequency sounds that we hear as the "character" of individual musical instruments - allowing us to tell the difference between a violin, a guitar and an organ, even when they are all playing the "same" note. A similar "audiophile" numbers war erupted not too long ago over the frequency bandwidth of the sound we actually record. It used to be commonly said that humans can hear sounds between 20Hz and 20,000 Hertz [recognising that the upper number usually lowers with age and exposure to loud sounds - headphone users, non-acoustic concertgoers, and noisy workplaces all can lead to serious, permanent losspart to justify the sale of high sample rate recording and playback equipment]

  4. MrWhat ?

    MrWhat ?14 päivää sitten

    Linus's face in the thumbnail could be a meme.

  5. Al E Gator

    Al E Gator15 päivää sitten

    back when bitcoin was first mentioned I was given like 5 bitcoins for free and I laugh. saying "wtf am I gonna do with this useless shit? this shit will be gone by next year". i never paid attention to any crypto currency until I found out 1 bitcoin was worth a fortune, but the 5 that I had were lost in the wind.. can't even remember where I had the 5 bitcoins so I will never see them again lol

  6. Guandalar Zapato

    Guandalar Zapato15 päivää sitten

    Idgaf. Actually no, I'm disappointed, why are you acting impressed. Soy much.

  7. trplll100

    trplll10016 päivää sitten

    Corsair virtuoso (non XTs) look great, but I remember it was so difficult to get them to sound good using ICUE as a non-audiophile. I even remember Linus or James mentioning this in their last wireless gaming headset review. I use Dolby Atmos for headphones to make them sound OK. But I would buy these instantly if I knew if anything changed to help with making better sound profiles that sound plebs like me would think sound good.

  8. Craig Wall

    Craig Wall17 päivää sitten

    To buy a Tesla, with years of electric car leadership...or a vaporware F150, which when it finally arrives will be a beta-test run? Yes it is an obvious choice.

  9. Craig Wall

    Craig Wall17 päivää sitten

    No way 1/6 American vehicles are F150. Nowhere close.

  10. Stephen Webb

    Stephen Webb17 päivää sitten

    Only on Apple would their headphones not be able to play certain qualities of music

  11. apple apple

    apple apple18 päivää sitten

    I know I'm a real late, but YAY! A Yakov Smirnoff joke!

  12. Maximus

    Maximus20 päivää sitten

    Nobody who watches your channel gives a damn about Apple Linus. Thanks to whoever posts the time stamps.

  13. nope.

    nope.21 päivä sitten

    36:00 I work for a company that is contracted to do this for Chevy. There 60,000 Chevy Colorados sitting around in the St. Louis area for this exact same reason

  14. Austin Karren

    Austin Karren21 päivä sitten

    I love Linus but he obviously is very one sided on where he gets his information about Tesla. I totally understand the concerns and they are important to make. Just don't let it make you blind to everything Tesla does well. Also Tesla doesn't need the EV credits they are just taking advantage of it to grow faster 😉

  15. Bard Erland

    Bard Erland21 päivä sitten

    _I can't - I can't even count that high_

  16. Hash Tagger

    Hash Tagger22 päivää sitten

    Apple - We have all the cores now in brushed aluminum. Everyone else - Oh yeah, we did that better a decade ago and personizable.

  17. Sean Toh

    Sean Toh22 päivää sitten

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer...

  18. Justin Pliskowski

    Justin Pliskowski22 päivää sitten

    ATM Machine is a terrible example. No human ever has heard the following phrase and gotten confused.... "Take me to an ATM...." They don't sit there and say to themselves "You want me to take you where? To an ATM.......OH an ATM MACHINE! Okay!" That is a redundancy. It's not needed. The RAM Speed thing is important because eventually (and we're pretty close) the Mhz will get so high as to be impossible. In other words, RAM should hit the "GHz wall" just like CPUs have. When that happens we will all be walking around talking about impossible speeds on RAM. RAM only makes sense now because we have 5 Ghz CPUs and 4 Ghz RAM. 4Ghz RAM is probably possible. 8 Ghz RAM is probably not, neither is 16Ghz RAM. Unfortunately, with QDR, one day it will seem like it is.

  19. restless42

    restless4222 päivää sitten

    For me lossless audio is only really needed for audio production etc., 320 kbps is the way to for high-quality speakers etc. and for normal consumer headphones etc. I couldn't hear a quality loss after about 192kbps

  20. Steve Schnetzler

    Steve Schnetzler22 päivää sitten

    mac mini M1 rocks, love mine.

  21. psycronizer

    psycronizer23 päivää sitten!! Linus finally gave some of his retarded viewers a piece of his mind ! good on ya Linus...more of that please Linus...slag them off where slagging off is due...

  22. Steven Weseman

    Steven Weseman23 päivää sitten

    Chiclet keyboards... I am not going to blame Apple that not single laptop manufacturing line is left making a real keyboard notebook. Not even Sharp took that short cut with the first the world's first notebook. My laptop is so thin (British accent) that it cannot support the weight of a poodle's step without that's style!

  23. Johannes Åkerman

    Johannes Åkerman23 päivää sitten

    Maybe Shave? Atleast groom it?

  24. pottyputter05

    pottyputter0523 päivää sitten

    jesus the chat replays. $5 to send a msg about "give me a gpu" or build a full system. then there's some guy asking if a 3070 is a good card >< the fuck

  25. Dave Publiday

    Dave Publiday23 päivää sitten

    Try hi-def audio on high end speakers. Not even on expensive consumer grade headphones, on high end speakers. You WILL hear a difference. It’s weird to see so many tech journalists poo-poo the idea of hidef audio, when the same people get so excited about a few more frames per second, or slightly more contrast ratio, or a few more megapixels. But, when it comes to sound, why the attitude? The consumer has become used to crappy audio quality and I wonder if it isn’t a result of tech media not caring about great sound as much as they care about great image quality, and thus leaving the manufacturers off the hook. Apple does not, and has never produced, excellent quality speakers. They can be really good, but not excellent. Perhaps this also lets the rest of the industry off the hook for it too. Nobody mass produces high quality speakers, so they are unfortunately very, very expensive. You have to spend several thousand dollars before you are going to hear a clear difference with hidef music. The important thing is there IS a difference, and anyone can hear it if they are using the correct equipment.

  26. Asmosis Yup

    Asmosis Yup24 päivää sitten

    I WANT ..... nothing to do with it.

  27. Bobcat

    Bobcat24 päivää sitten


  28. Kineticartist

    Kineticartist25 päivää sitten

    haterz gon hate cuz their parents hated them you do you linus

  29. Wade Warren

    Wade Warren25 päivää sitten

    You can't fight people's irrational need to be either victims or to express their moral superiority. :( You guys did a great job hosting that for the families and kids.

  30. B W

    B W25 päivää sitten

    You telling the Dr you’re so soooorey made my day 😂

  31. B W

    B W25 päivää sitten

    The only people upset about wireless headphones not supporting lossless audio don’t understand or need lossless audio. That is the whole damn point it is for “perfect” audio…. Most everyone is fine with good audio lol

  32. Rob

    Rob25 päivää sitten

    i think this chip shortage is now to a point artificial, as manufacturer found now that they can charge more for lower production volume, thus higher margins. they have already tons of time to catchup to account for the dip of production during the initial covid dip of production.

  33. jhansolo

    jhansolo25 päivää sitten

    BUY THE DIP! Thata boy Linus

  34. Jay Dibble

    Jay Dibble25 päivää sitten

    I'm all for technological advances including w EVs. However, a ton of areas are already experiencing power shortages for keeping businesses and homes lit... a wave of EVs is going to strain the system like crazy. Not to mention the cost of eletric is going to increase with demand. Oh, and those FREE charging stations... do you remember FREE air at gas stations? We're going to start seeing charges show up there as well... just saying

  35. AwesomeDavid2012

    AwesomeDavid201225 päivää sitten

    China has banned bitcoin like 7 times since 2013

  36. qrpnxz

    qrpnxz25 päivää sitten

    Anything above CD quality is utter masturbation. No, you cannot hear above 22khz. No, you don't need more than 96db dynamic range. As far as lossy vs lossless, it's definitely good to have a lossless original from which to make appropriate lossy files from, and to avoid generational loss. High bit rate opus sounds quite good with great storage savings.

  37. Jaymo

    Jaymo25 päivää sitten

    Says apple just does their own thing, implying other people don't do it. 2 minute later: Everyone copies Apple. I really wish people could see what a ripoff apple products are. Every conversation I have with an Apple user ends with "It's stylish", "Girls like it", or "I don't want my texts to be the wrong color". Garbage products for people that like neat looking garbage.

  38. Andraz Novak

    Andraz Novak25 päivää sitten

    The thing is, that RAM clock speeds are about 300-400MHz. It has been for a long time and it's dictated by the properties of copper. Can't have more than 400MHz square wave signal on it. DDR4 is about multiplying that frequency by 8. So there are two clock signals that are phase shifted by half of a cycle to get 4 transfers per clock cycle. It is then doubled again by some magic to get the juicy 3200"MHz". So none of them are actually "right" (what even is right here lol). Ram is complicated and as more burst transfer strategies get impemented, the clock speed will start to matter less and less. Very similar to cpus, where you can't really accurately judge cpu only based on the clock speed. We just use it to get a feel for how high end of a cpu it is and that's that. This whole debate is pointless. Also people don't care what the clock spped is. It doesn't matter. The performance matters. That's why technology review websites exist. If the performance was just up to a single number, then there is no need for LTT or any other channel like that.

  39. Humaj On the Internets

    Humaj On the Internets25 päivää sitten

    Oh, Linus made it sound like the outrage about the title was about how it kinda sounds more definite than the rumor actually is. But it's just the anti-Apple morons who are almost as bad as the Apple morons they hate. "Why is title mention Apple?" It's disgusting quite how *much* Apple matters, but of course Apple matters. Pretending otherwise isn't going to get you anything, unless you're making decisions for one of their competitors. In that case, yeah, please stop basing all of your decisions on Apple's.

  40. NIKOvbn

    NIKOvbn25 päivää sitten

    192 kbps for audio files is garbage tier, Linus. Bottom line should be at least 320, and 640 would be the sweet spot for everyone.

  41. Logan Presley

    Logan Presley26 päivää sitten

    The sweat bands capture your sweat to record status data about LTT's water bottles. Do you accept?

  42. Mike Matterazzo

    Mike Matterazzo26 päivää sitten

    Why wasn't this on Floatplane?

  43. Em P

    Em P26 päivää sitten

    apple starts supporting things their own stuff cant handle ? finally a shimmer of light that they might turn into a good company

  44. Let's make a mess!

    Let's make a mess!26 päivää sitten

    Crypto will bounce back and will triple.

  45. Lord V1LE

    Lord V1LE26 päivää sitten

    When hasn't apple been bang for the buck? Even the iphone what a 12 costs £850 with a decent amount of storage, 5 years software support that's £170 a year for the best all round phone on the market. On android to match the cost per year you're talking like £340-£500 just to try and compete with that support, not counting in the higher resale value of the iPhone even 4 years in.

  46. lmartinl

    lmartinl26 päivää sitten

    First off, I'm a Tesla fan boy and a longterm investor in Tesla. I don't care whether you guys like the company or Elon Musk, but you have got to recheck your sources if you care about the quality of the information you're sharing to your audience. Why? Because your voice carry weight, and I always value your takes on a lot of topics. You have to take into consideration that 1) Tesla does not advertise at all, which is income media outlets rely on 2) any bad news on Tesla generates clicks and reactions. 1) Please provide me with a source if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge there are no 10.000 Tesla cars parked anywhere due to chip shortages. You must be confused with Ford/GM, I've read stories for them. That, or they are waiting to be re-equipped by some recent changes. Tesla might be one of the least affected car companies (albeit still affected) as they pivoted early to using different microcontrollers. That does not mean they won't face future problems of course. 2) Tesla as a formula is already quite profitable starting this/last year. Their gross profit margin on their automotive sector is around 25% and that profit margin is expected to grow, whilst they are 1) increasing their production 50% year over year 2) are investing heavily into efficient manufacturing and battery technology on a scale that's just way way bigger than other car manufacturers and 3) they are expanding towards other industries (energy generation, storage, software, etc). The only reason they don't seem profitable is because they are expanding into other markets and are heavily investing in growth. Despite this, they are already profitable as a whole. Yes, the EV credits are the difference between being 'profitable' and 'not profitable', but they're like 5% of their current total sales. Easy overview of financials/numbers: A very valuable insight/analysis on Tesla's future economics (keyword: Returns on Operating Assets) There's plenty to attack Tesla/Musk on, and you don't have to join me on the hype train, but at least, don't be verifiably wrong. Tesla is going to produce anywhere from 800.000-1.100.000 EVs in 2021 Ford is expected to deliver around 50.000 Ford F-150 Lightnings in 2022 if they don't get screwed by the chip shortage. On probably 0 margin. Whilst their specs (range, charging, charge time per mile range, etc) are not price competitive with the cybertruck that's coming out later. I like the f-150 lightning, but it's not the "competition" many are rooting for. Both the F-150 and cybertrucks will both be competing, and winning, against ICE trucks. The only limit is the production capacity of EVs and their batteries. The only difference between Tesla and Ford will be that Tesla will be making a profit on their EVs, and don't have sunk costs in ICE technology and their dealership model and will be able to scale better

  47. jhansolo

    jhansolo25 päivää sitten

    Hey bud, There are like 50 articles on it

  48. Let's make a mess!

    Let's make a mess!26 päivää sitten

    Get em Linus!

  49. Fabian Hauk Hopland

    Fabian Hauk Hopland26 päivää sitten

    But it does matter. Aren't you linus, the one that allways talks about the frame time? What if your graphicscard drew 2 frames per HZ, would it still be a 120Hz refresh rate or would it be a 240Hz refresh rate. And this does absolutely affect performance too, as the polling speed of the ram will affect how fast your processor is able to get information, so you can reduce alot of code execution speed, when the processor is forced to retrieve data from RAM in a non predictable way. For example when gaming and handling live inputs from users, and devices. This is a plain and simple mistake on your behalf. If your friends throws garbage at the street, you don't do it too, you show them the correct way of doing it. Just because the mainstream media is a bunch of lying indefferent people and are laying to the people, you don't just follow the norm, you stand up to it.

  50. theresapimentacointheglovebox

    theresapimentacointheglovebox26 päivää sitten

    Best part of the show: 5:53

  51. Kurt Ward-Theiss

    Kurt Ward-Theiss26 päivää sitten

    Keyboard warrior masquerading as audiophile here: there are two reasons to use lossless formats which are worth money to me, as a professional (classical) musician and light-duty producer. The first is ear fatigue. Lossy formats fatigue your hearing much quicker, especially when listening louder. The second is that classical music is much more difficult to compress effectively. The issues of ear fatigue and a lack of dynamic range are amplified. Let's not forget that Symphonies and Operas easily exceed an hour in length. Modern pop music also tends to be mastered in a way that is optimized for compressed audio. "IGY" by Donald Fagan or "Will you be there" by Michael Jackson would be examples of older pop songs that are a treat to listen to in lossless formats with professional monitors or headphones. The general sense with these songs is that you can turn your speakers very loud without reaching in desperation to turn the volume back down.

  52. Ollie S

    Ollie S26 päivää sitten

    Trucks are great but actually not very practical compared to a van.

  53. Trirosmos

    Trirosmos26 päivää sitten

    32:10 Well, in a way, instructions per second IS the only metric that matters, not the clock speed. Kinda like how a Z80 running at 4 MHz did about as much useful work as a 6502 at 1 MHz. The problem there is that IPC varies a LOT depending on the workload, so getting a metric that is applicable to real-world situations is tough. On the other hand, DDR memory is consistently twice as fast as single data rate memory, so 🤷

  54. ԱӍβЯƐ

    ԱӍβЯƐ26 päivää sitten

    only 40? my pc has 64 and cost thousands less, next plz

  55. Mel Gross

    Mel Gross26 päivää sitten

    The question about DDR speeds and the relevance is about the same as the relevance of GiB vs GB. Except for a few techies who make their little fists and hold their breath about it, GiB is not relevant, and I wish they would just drop it and stop thinking it matters. Well, blame Samsung for the confusion about LED Tv. As usual, when they came out with that, they intentionally used that to deceive people. Unfortunately, they never got called on it, or stopped from saying it because it was deceptive.

  56. Ardyvee

    Ardyvee26 päivää sitten

    Regarding the memory thing, if anything, it'd make more sense to say MT/s instead of MHz (much like the difference between MB to MiB), and only on the grounds that the numbers would still be the same and mean (to the consumer) the same.

  57. Aaron

    Aaron26 päivää sitten

    Macbook pro 16 will have 10 cores, 8 for performance and 2 high-efficiency cores.

  58. Andrew

    Andrew26 päivää sitten

    I use lossless formats for future proofing my music, not for listening to it. If you re-encode a lossy format to another lossy format it can be audibly worse. You can re-encode lossless to anything with only the encoding artefacts of the new format, which are likely inaudible.

  59. MrGreenAKAguci00

    MrGreenAKAguci0026 päivää sitten

    16:00 I do, I like LDAC and Apple doesn't seem to like it. Not sure why.

  60. Adam949

    Adam94926 päivää sitten

    "LightSpeed" is nothing special. I have seen a wide range devices with equivalent performance even long before Logitech marketed the term" LightSpeed." In fact Logitech non lightspeed wireless devices have been built to be slower since they introduced the marketing because some of their deveices were already just as fast... It was hit and miss which product they released had low latency but they had them and so does other manufacturers. All Logitech did was look at their faster devices and figure out a way to guarantee consistently low latency performance with in a marketed line. They then reduced the quality of their other products latency both wired and wireless aka the Hero vs Hero gen 2 is one very noticeable example of this.

  61. Lietu

    Lietu26 päivää sitten

    8000 MT/s is double that of 4000 MT/s, where's the problem in using MT/s instead of MHz? or hell, use eMHz for "effective MHz"

  62. Anatoliy Trifonov

    Anatoliy Trifonov27 päivää sitten

    Actually Mac mini is $599.99 in Costco.:)

  63. Scribble Nerd

    Scribble Nerd27 päivää sitten

    i am severely disappointed in the fact that linus changed the title from “Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming… AND SO AM I!” to what it is now

  64. Scribble Nerd

    Scribble Nerd27 päivää sitten

    (ik it’s probably bc his sponsors didn’t like it or something like that)

  65. Adam

    Adam27 päivää sitten

    I would like a portless Macbook Pro with wireless charging.

  66. jhon Hurtado

    jhon Hurtado27 päivää sitten

    We don't love them they are just the cheapest option 😉, we love Tacoma

  67. Bokaj Llensch

    Bokaj Llensch27 päivää sitten

    150 kW charching? That cant be true. At 230V that would be over 600 amps. Most houses arent wired to work with that.

  68. Justin Emlay

    Justin Emlay27 päivää sitten

    "There's no reason they couldn't go electric". Very small box thinking. Electric is crap for off road. Even if you are 99% in the city, that 1% you go to the river electric is a no go. It is what it is. Gas will always be needed until electric can EQUAL gas performance. Also it will be many decades in the future before we ever have enough electricity to power everything we need to power.

  69. Justin Emlay

    Justin Emlay27 päivää sitten

    My 2001 F150 was ok. 3 friggen helicoils really ticked me off! But I've had 2 Titans since then and never looked back.

  70. Sav

    Sav27 päivää sitten

    You can get a 5950x, you just have to be willing to pay a $200 CAD markup.. which results in higher taxes too.

  71. HektortheKektor

    HektortheKektor27 päivää sitten

    Linus fiat currencies are currencies because their price is stable. I want the value of the dollar to be the same it was yesterday as it is today since I will be able to use it to buy goods I need to survive. Crypto is not actually a currency as its instability prevents it from actually behaving like a currency.

  72. Morten Bremvåg

    Morten Bremvåg27 päivää sitten

    Here in Europe we see no signs that the other automakers cars are outselling Tesla so far. And recently there have been quite a few new models coming out. Basically none of the other cars can top out the total package that Tesla is offering. No one is even close on the software side of things. My generation partially, but much more for the generations younger than me, are excited about Tesla. They don’t care about small panel gap’s. But they really like how everything is connected. You don’t need a key, can control the car in so many ways from your phone etc. Personally I think that many other car manufacturers are having problems with how to place their EV’s in their product stack. They don’t want their EV’S to perform so well that it would make their fossil counterparts, or fossil top model’s obsolete. I just watched a video about the Audi e-tron GT (the Audi version of taycan). And it barely outperforms my 3,5 year old model s 75d. Sure it is a lot more premium, has faster charging, and is much sportier with gear box, different driving profiles, better brakes and so on, but it also has less space for cargo and costs double what we paid almost 4 years ago. I mean, this is their response? To this day, there are not really any competition to the model s (big family sedan, good performance, nice to drive). So are the other auto manufacturers holding back because they don’t want to cannibalize their own product stack, or are they actually just lagging behind?

  73. Fee

    Fee27 päivää sitten

    Bluetooth is the industry standard

  74. snowflake ?!

    snowflake ?!27 päivää sitten

    Nothing about Andrew Lee's (Private Internet Access) hostile takeover of Freenode IRC? Really?

  75. nomad9

    nomad927 päivää sitten

    Why is Luke too afraid to stand up to Linus, he was right to correct him on the 192khz sampling rate, and yet backs down even though he knows Linus is in the wrong, that's some Beta male game right there. Yeah I know Linus is the boss and pays your salary but really.

  76. nomad9

    nomad927 päivää sitten

    Linus is now a paid shill for Apple or what?

  77. sidewalkere

    sidewalkere27 päivää sitten

    IMHO nominal vs efective ram frequency is only a problem when someone that doesn't know better sees the nominal frequency in some app like CPU-Z and assumes there is a problem in a completely fine system. Nothing google can't solve, anyway. Ordinary people think in MHz, let them. Adding another number with another "mega" would only seed more confusion.

  78. Spectru

    Spectru27 päivää sitten

    hype for apple? 🤣🤣🤣🤣what a joke

  79. Glitch Walker

    Glitch Walker27 päivää sitten

    The argument for me for lossless isn't the quality of what I use in this moment. I have as much of my music stored as possible as FLAC on my Plex server, then transcoded for other devices. Having lossless futureproofs my collection from any future developments or formats were they to happen, rather than converting between lossy formats for more loss, and gives me some flexibility to transcode per-device. If I were going to pay that much for headphones, I would want them to have lossless support. That's a hell of a lot of money.

  80. Charles Koewers

    Charles Koewers27 päivää sitten

    It's an Apple. I'll pass.

  81. Heffia Gametech

    Heffia Gametech28 päivää sitten

    Seriously , Linus is it that time of the month?

  82. T P

    T P27 päivää sitten

    Lmao I think so. He can be annoyingly whiny. Clearly the comments do get to him.

  83. Tyler Vick

    Tyler Vick28 päivää sitten

    "Wooo electric is going to save the planet, no more stinky, smelly gas" - falls down a massive lithium mine

  84. Thomas Lukins

    Thomas Lukins28 päivää sitten

    Accuracy is a subset of clarity.

  85. Thomas Lukins

    Thomas Lukins28 päivää sitten

    Maybe people care because Apple has the nerve to charge $549 for headphones so it should have lossless capability.

  86. Thomas Lukins

    Thomas Lukins28 päivää sitten

    Linus, did you get in trouble from FItitle over the title? We all saw the original title LOL.

  87. Paul Petzar

    Paul Petzar28 päivää sitten

    Use your bigger number for Ram speeds. Just use the right units and we're good.

  88. Adoteq

    Adoteq28 päivää sitten

    Spotify HiFi can be onofficially tested today

  89. DarkownerMinimalist

    DarkownerMinimalist28 päivää sitten

    36:22 in switzerland all shops have reduced prices^^

  90. Dani Walmsley

    Dani Walmsley28 päivää sitten

    Linus reading of a script vs him on a friday night is huge. He was all over the place with the audio format convo. I know he's not an idiot and his point was right but jeez the guy needs some coffee or something. The bitrate is file type dependent. The max bitrate of a 24bit p/192khz is 24 x 192k = 4.608 megabits/second both bit depth and sample rate affect audio quality and you can mix and match

  91. Chris Ramsey

    Chris Ramsey28 päivää sitten

    Two things I dont think its that hard to tell the difference between a 192kbps and a 320kbps. Its really easy but actually they are saying 24bit 192khz which is just about the highest sample rate most people can record at. However, MOST of the audio thats recorded is recorded at 44.1 or 48khz So all they are doing is taking something that was recorded at 44.1 or 48khz and converting it... You don't get better sound, because the master is 44.1! I dont know people that record at 192khz because the file sizes are massive and you only need to record at double the frequency of human hearing. Anything after that is basically unnessercary.

  92. BASIL!!!!! The Pumpin' Seagull

    BASIL!!!!! The Pumpin' Seagull28 päivää sitten

    So should I get a 3090 now, or wait for the 3080 TI?

  93. Roger Honacki

    Roger Honacki28 päivää sitten

    Anyone else hear the limitations of the studio mic’s?

  94. Roger Honacki

    Roger Honacki28 päivää sitten

    MacBook Air. The battery.

  95. Happy timmy

    Happy timmy28 päivää sitten

    What if macs are good for gaming. If they come with a powerful CPU and GPU🤔

  96. Tom Laddus

    Tom Laddus28 päivää sitten


  97. First Name

    First Name28 päivää sitten

    New Mac-Book Pro's will have 40-core processors and cost 40,000+ dollars. Hurray! Okay, that's a little exaggeration for dramatic effect: they won't be THAT expensive, but they WILL cost more than 99.9% of the people watching this could spend on them ;)

  98. Black3ternity

    Black3ternity28 päivää sitten

    Regarding the wireless thing: Why not do it like many wifi keyboards. Have a little flap that is user-serviceable where a USB-A port is hidden where you just plug your tiny dongle in and call it a day. Some laptops and even Mainboards in Desktop have internal USB ports for this reason.

  99. Coury Swan

    Coury Swan28 päivää sitten

    I would like to see a mack mini running windows and or linix, ehh why not all 3 OS! ( Oh and Temple)

  100. Coury Swan

    Coury Swan28 päivää sitten

    Lolz... So Linus is a little wound up today. I think you need to give some more gpus to verified gamers and WHOOP thier butts in HALO CE!!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!

  101. Richard Servello

    Richard Servello28 päivää sitten

    I’ve had an EV from a real automaker for almost 2 years now and it’s been great.

  102. Chris O'Grady

    Chris O'Grady28 päivää sitten

    My 2019 MBP has 32RAM and was available with 64

  103. Chris O'Grady

    Chris O'Grady28 päivää sitten

    Can't wait for the beast Chia plotting mac, 40 cores, so about 20 simultaneous plots, as long as you can also have 100gb ram and a replaceable 8tb storage 😂